The Company

A start surrounded by challenges!

In 1981, created as a subsidiary of Alcoa in order to meet the needs related to the insurances of the entire group, the company was initially named Harmonia Corretora. As of 1994, Harmonia reorganized itself, becoming independent and further specializing itself in risk management and general administration of the insurance programs, working along the Treasury and Human Resources Departments of its clients.

The attained know-how, remarked, among other points, by the issuance of the first Operational Risks policy in Brazil, plus the philosophy of rendering services in the area of Consulting and administration of insurances were crucial for the expansion of its activities. And thus, 1988 witnessed the beginning of services to other large national and multinational clients operating in Brazil.

Today, with over 35 years in the Brazilian market, it participates in networks of international brokers, including WBN (WorldWide Broker Network) and IBN (International Benefits Network).


Our Vision

To be the best option in risk and insurance management in Latin America, nationally and internationally known and totally integrated with the client, facilitating its work as an extension of the insurance and risk department.

Our Mission

To offer the clients effective consulting services in insurances, using innovative practices and solutions that meet their specific needs, solving problems and mitigating risks, with tailored and distinguished services.


Our Values


We pursue excellence in our services, offering distinguished attention aimed at fully satisfying the client and at developing harmony between the parties.



We develop our works in transparency, observing ethics in the business and mutual respect between the company and its internal and external clients.


Socio-Environmental Liability

Aware of the socio-environmental topic, our work is developed with accountability, seeking to reduce the impacts and to promote sustainable development.


Focus on Growth

We practice the continuous improvement of the rendered services, always seeking to conquer challenging and profitable business.


Work Environment

We promote pleasant corporate environment, so that the team work, the exchange of ideas and the solving of problems shall be a natural and amicable outcome.