Environmental Risk Insurance

Environmental Risk Insurance

Mr. Ricardo Morosini – Legal Entity Officer

The planet has reached a crossline. The disordered growth of the metropolis and the fast development of the industry and trade have posed challenges to everyone – the environmental preservation. Based on that urgency, the discussion about sustainable means and on how to adjust the production and growth without affecting it was intensified.

We have talked to Ricardo Morosini, Legal Entity Officer at Harmonia Corretora de Seguros, about the Environmental Risk Insurance and the new system of laws in effect in the country. To him, topics such as diffused right, direct civil liability and the operation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in environmental matters must be part of the discussion with the clients, as part of the process for understanding the risk; and also how an Environmental Civil Liability Policy operates in the referred companies’ exposure to risks.

Today, four insurance companies trade Environmental Civil Liability policies.

“The Civil Liability insurance must, more and more, be seen as an equity insurance, both for the companies and for individuals, as it is an insurance that assists you in protecting your equity against third-parties’ claim for personal injury, material damages and pain and suffering.”, says Ricardo Morosini.

To understand the juridical order of the matter, we interviewed Dr. Walter Polido, one of the authorities in the subject matter.

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