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Read about Centro Educacional e Assistencial Pedreira (CEAP)

At Centro Educacional e Assistencial Pedreira (CEAP), Harmonia Corretora de Seguros holds a partnership which includes donation of computing equipment used for training sessions rendered at CEAP, and the contracting of students who enter the company as interns and after concluding CEAP’s technical course are contracted to work. Thereby, Harmonia provides employment and opportunities for development and professional growth to young technicians who graduate in the educational center. Find out More about Centro Educacional e Assistencial Pedreira (CEAP)

Futurong improves the future of children and teenagers

Concerned with the future of children and teenagers, Harmonia Corretora de Seguros develops social work with Futurong, a non-profit non-governmental organization. Created in 2002, FUTURONG’s main goal is to foster the development of the economically and socially disadvantaged population. It currently works with 500 children and teenagers from 04 to 18 years-old who stay in the entity from Mondays to Fridays, out of the regular school hours. During that period, they are given meals and, depending on the age range, attend some [...]

Environmental Risk Insurance

Mr. Ricardo Morosini – Legal Entity Officer The planet has reached a crossline. The disordered growth of the metropolis and the fast development of the industry and trade have posed challenges to everyone – the environmental preservation. Based on that urgency, the discussion about sustainable means and on how to adjust the production and growth without affecting it was intensified. We have talked to Ricardo Morosini, Legal Entity Officer at Harmonia Corretora de Seguros, about the Environmental Risk Insurance and the [...]

A start surrounded by challenges!

In 1981, Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) needed a company capable of offering all types of insurances and which could be able to manage the needs of the entire group. Harmonia Corretora de Seguros was then created as a subsidiary of the multinational company, operating in all the fields of insurance, encompassing equity, transportation and personal risks (benefits) coverages. The attained know-how, remarked, among other points, by the issuance of the first Operational Risks policy in Brazil, plus the philosophy [...]