Futurong improves the future of children and teenagers

Futurong improves the future of children and teenagers

Concerned with the future of children and teenagers, Harmonia Corretora de Seguros develops social work with Futurong, a non-profit non-governmental organization.

Created in 2002, FUTURONG’s main goal is to foster the development of the economically and socially disadvantaged population. It currently works with 500 children and teenagers from 04 to 18 years-old who stay in the entity from Mondays to Fridays, out of the regular school hours. During that period, they are given meals and, depending on the age range, attend some of the 15 workshops: Reading and Writing, Computing, Sports, Theater, Judo, Virtues, Music, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Choir, Arts, Recreation and Extra Courses.

Through internal actions and counting on the support and participation of its stakeholders, Harmonia Corretora aims to contribute for the development of said citizens.

Find out more about Futurong accessing the website www.futurong.com.br

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