Project Description

With a team of highly qualified professionals, Harmonia renders advisory in the conduction of matters related to the Surety Bond offering services customized to your company.

Surety Bond: This modality of Financing Line is aimed at guaranteeing compliance with contractual obligation, set forth in public and /or private contracts, either at the time of constructing, manufacturing, supplying or rendering services.

In addition, the Insurance Bond can be used as surety instrument in court proceedings, whether tax, labor or civil.

In general terms, the Surety Bond offers several advantages, when compared to the traditional bank surety letters, but the most relevant is that the companies can keep their credit facilities lines free, using them for investments and other needs.

Main Insurance Modalities

  • Judicial Guarantee;
  • Bid Bond;
  • Performance Bond (Guarantee of the Performing Constructor, Supplier or Service Provider);
  • Guarantee of Advanced Payment;
  • Guarantee of Withholding of Payment;
  • Guarantee of Perfect Operation;
  • Administrative Guarantee (ICMS credits);
  • Rental Surety.