Civil Liability Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance

Project Description

Insurance to protect the Company against complaints for material damages and personal injuries, involuntarily caused to third-parties. Included therein are the consequent and financial damages directly derived from said material damages and personal injuries, besides the additionally claimed pain and suffering.

This field has several modalities, the following are highlighted among the main ones:

  • Commercial and Industrial Facilities (Companies’ Operations) – derived from use and preservation of the insured facility;
  • Products – damages caused by the products sold by the Company;
  • Products Recall – costs with recall of products derived from detection of some defect that might result into future complaint;
  • Employer – accidents caused to employees, interns, holders of scholarships and contracted third-parties which cause death or permanent invalidity and which liability is ascribed to the Company, by definitive court adjudication or deal between the parties, authorized by the Insurance Company.
  • Civil Liability – Civil Construction Works and /or Installation and Assembly – Covers the civil liability derived from performance of projects of civil construction works and/or installation and assembly.
  • Professional Errors and Omissions or Professional Civil Liability – protects self-employed professionals or service provider companies equivalent to what is rendered by said professionals, such as Engineering, Architecture Firms, Law Firms, Medical and Dental Clinics, IT Services, customs brokers and others.
  • Undue Labor Practices – protects the Company against processes for moral harassment, discrimination and others, filed by employees or former employees.
  • Sports or Artistic Events – protects the sponsoring and organizing Company for liabilities derived from performance of said events.

For consultation about several modalities and explanations about this insurance, consult Harmonia.